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Abstraction and Reflections
of Nature

8th - 14th September 2022

Having recently exhibited work in the Sixteen Gallery earlier in 2022, Wendy Golding and Beverly Perry are delighted to be able to show here again.

'As local artists we really enjoyed the ambiance of the gallery to showcase our artwork and are thrilled to return'

Both artists have been developing their unique styles focusing on colour, texture and a freedom of mark-making, inspired by nature.

Wendy Golding

Wendy is a Gloucester based abstract artist that creates abstracted landscapes and abstract paintings based on what she sees and experiences. Working loose and impressionistically she is influenced by Expressionism as well as the materials she uses; wanting the viewer to connect to the beauty of the texture and surface of the paintings as well as the overall painting. She likes to work mainly in acrylic, ink, and mixed media and has exhibited this year at the Gardens Gallery Cheltenham and Lower Slaughter as well as with other Gloucestershire artists in Junction 12 Art Group and with Living from Art, throughout areas of Gloucestershire.

Beverley Perry

Beverley is a Gloucestershire based artist showing her more expressive work that combines mixed media, paint, and ink to capture the atmosphere and mood of nature. She likes to go out sketching our beautiful countryside and seascapes, wanting to capture the vibrant colours as well as the textures of what she sees. Beverley has been selling her work for over 35 years as she exhibits regularly in Lower Slaughter, and at other venues with Living from Art, Junction 12, Churchdown Art Group and Gloucestershire Society of Artists.

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