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1st - 7thJune

Three Abstract Perceptions

"In this exhibition you will see ‘Three Abstract Artists’: Jane Brighton, Andy Goodwin and Shaun Hughes.


We will be showing a selection of recent work. This is our 5th exhibition together in the West Midlands region.

Although different we are all inspired by the tenets of Abstract Art. Our work can be playful, experimental and contemplative. The exhibition will show us seeking to capture our individual inspirations and ways of seeing.

There will be large and small paintings as well as some collage work.

Further details on the individual artists and their approaches will be available in the gallery. 

Come and have a look. It will be a pleasure to meet you."

Shaun Hughes

Since retiring from teaching art and lecturing Shaun has devoted his time to painting and giving talks on aspects of art history. He has exhibited widely in the West Midlands region both individually and as member of a group.

He works thematically and is inspired by all sorts of things: ancient history, the patterns of nature, maps and geography, Jazz and Classical music.

In this current show you will see a selection of work inspired by Jazz Music and visits to Jazz Clubs in which he explores the shapes and rhythms of music. He works mainly in oils and acrylics and experiments with different approaches depending on the subject or theme.


Although linked to the same starting point his art often ‘takes over’ and leads him down unexpected pathways.

Shaun has an MA from the University of London and has published on his specialist research subject Art-Based Learning.

He is a member of the Cheltenham Group of Artists.


Andy Goodwin

"Colour, changing light and transitory or permanent features of nature inspire my work.

Landscapes, seascapes and cloudscapes are of particular importance and their representation is hopefully achieved after observation and subsequent development of the work in the studio.

Since the 70,s, I have exhibited throughout the South West and the Midlands including photos at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol and here at Sixteen Gallery earlier this year."

Paintings and collages at the RWA Bristol and with groups including the Cheltenham Group of Artists and the 4 Abstract Artists.

Jane Brighton

Jane studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and later art psychotherapy at Goldsmiths

The discipline of observation and awareness of the unconscious in art are apparent in her paintings


Jane paints in oils mainly on large canvases with a richness of colour and texture special to oils. Her paintings are an emotional response to the English landscape, to music ( mainly jazz ) and to the process itself of painting

Her influences and interests are among many, myths , folk tales and the painters Turner and the Abstract Expressionists

She has exhibited widely nationally and  at Cork Street Bankside and the Meunieres Gallery  in London and  in Bristol at the RWA and Central Gallery


She is in private collections in Japan, Holland and the States and her work has been bought by the NHS Cheltenham Trust , the Isbourne Foundation and the Winfield Hospital in Cheltenham

She is in the National Art of the UK website and catalogue or YourPaintings/UK Art 

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