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Aspects and Visions

3rd - 9th August

About artForce Collective

We are a group of 7 artists and makers and our members include Jo Biggadike, Tracey Cadogan, Colin Clark, Karen Fitzpatrick, Sarah Jemmett, Steve Roberts and Carrie Sermon. 

We met in 2020 at a Pop-Up Art shop established by a local charity in the medieval, riverside town of Tewkesbury.

artForce collective’s work is diverse and often inspired by our Cotswold locality and landscape, nature and the changing seasons. Our art practice connects us to each other and the art we produce reflects our passions and interests.  Our work includes multi-media painting, printmaking, graphic inspired work and upcycled jewellery.

To see more of the groups work and keep updated with everything they are up to follow the links below:

artForce Collective: Aspects and Visions

The beauty of art lies in its limitless potential. Yet, its unbounded nature is both a blessing and a curse to those who walk its path. Aspects and Visions refers to the artists need to reflect upon what inspires them, to focus their attention and to create something unique, interesting and thought provoking. It is this ability to recognise the aspects we find poignant which gives rise to our artistic visions.

Although diverse in its expression, It is a continual search for meaning in the making of the artwork which unites Jo Biggadike, Colin Clark, Karen Fitzpatrick, Sarah Jemmett and Steve Roberts. This show serves as both a celebration and a reflection on the necessity for artists to embellish their work with their own unique perspective.

From collagraph prints inspired by the experience of women walking in the landscape to colourful abstracts reflecting an emotive connection to place, each artwork focuses on a different aspect of experience. 

Jo Biggadike

Colin Clark - Woolacombe Bay.JPG

Karen Fitzpatrick

Karen Fitzpatrick - When the Tide Comes In.jpg
Karen Fitzpatrick - Littoral Drift.jpg
Sarah Jemmett - Entering Vistas of Serenity.jpg
Sarah Jemmett - Human Influences.jpg

Sarah Jemmett

Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts - Cloud Dazzle.jpg
Steve Roberts - Cloud Drift.jpg
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