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Changing Horizons

15th -21st December 2022

Jaci Hogan and Alison Holt

Jaci Hogan is a wildlife artist from Cirencester who works in soft pastels and will be exhibiting in Cheltenham this coming December at Sixteen Gallery in an exciting collaboration with textile artist Alison Holt from Shropshire. Both artists take on the challenge of interpreting the natural world from different perspectives.

Jaci focuses on the animal kingdom, while Alison captures both land and sea in her intricately textured freehand machine embroidered artworks.

Their collaboration brings together the rugged landscape with the softness of fur and feathers. As well as being UK based, both artists have travelled the world far and wide to absorb much of the wilderness which they are fascinated by.

This exhibition allows the viewer to escape into worlds

beyond the gallery where wildlife and wild lands display colourful exotic


Jaci’s method of using a combination of a soft pastel base with pastel pencil details allows her to encapsulate the different textures of each animal from the fur of a leopard to the feathers of a nuthatch. She feels each animal deserves it’s own treatment and she spends many hours building layers to achieve the

beautiful finished artworks.

In contrast, Alison has developed her own freehand machine embroidery method to ‘paint’ what she sees.  Having started at Goldsmith’s with a Textile degree, she proceeded to experiment with her love of textile to create a way of painting with thread. 

Starting with a silk base, Alison paints onto this before building up many layers of coloured and textured stitches to create amazing interpretations of landscapes which have inspired her. 


In order for people to understand their work more fully both artists are inviting people to come to  a free event on the Sunday 18th December at Sixteen Gallery, where they will be showing their skills and answering questions about their individual methods. There will be mulled wine and mince pies, as well as an array of items for sale from cards to stitched prints and original artworks. This is a great opportunity for people to see the exhibition of two very interesting artists and buy Christmas gifts with a bit of individuality.

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