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Cheltenham Open Studios


Sixteen Gallery hosted 5 artists as part of the Cheltenham Open Studios Art Trail 2021.

Now a biennial event, it has become an important part of the cultural landscape for artists and art lovers alike, with over 200 artists across the region opening their doors to the public as part of an open-door-to-door trail.

Jo Millar


Jo's ceramic work is evocative of natural forms, and often bears a nod to the pottery of the ancients. She specialises in hand-building, using coils to construct sculptural pieces on a variety of scales, for interior and exterior domestic settings.

As well as the undulation of natural form, she's also driven by colour and texture, and as a result her work is varied in outcome as well as scale. As well as larger, more ornamental statement pieces in black and white stoneware clay, she conversely makes small handheld, highly decorative and ornate porcelain pieces embellished with gold and platinum.

When not creating ceramics, Jo leads a highly successful art department in a local prestigious independent school.

Learn more about Jo's works on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Mamas I and II (detail).jpg
MAIN Last of The Sun Carol Kinchin Mixed Media on canvas 30x30cm £250 MAIN.jpg

Carol Kinchin

"I am drawn to the exploration and changing nature of light and shade and their ability to influence not just what we are seeing but to affect a radical change of mood.


My work attempts to convey these moods in nature in a slightly unreal dreamlike manner, my aim being to elicit an emotional response from the viewer and through my loose depiction of a scene to allow the viewer to decide on the atmospheric mood.

"Colour and tone are all important to my paintings. Sometimes a paint colour new to me will be the starting point for a picture."

Learn more about Carol's work on her Instagram.

Anthea Millier


Anthea Millier is a fine artist printmaker concerned with nature and landscape.


Anthea is a walking artist working mainly with the environment developing a relationship with the landscape. Using her walks as a creative and aesthetic practice and an instrument for the development of complex artistic ideas used in her work.


Anthea mainly works as a Printmaker using found objects found on her walks using techniques such as mono-printing, collagraphy and other experimental ways of printing. Her work has been described as abstract and contemporary.

Learn more about Anthea's work on her website and Facebook.


Jilly Hamilton


Jilly is inspired by travel and nature. In her most recent paintings of seascapes, she aims to capture the wild energy and movement of the powerful, crashing waves; the dance of the light on the water's surface; the atmosphere - which connects to inner emotions and feelings.


Jilly sees the shapes and forms in the sea which are static and have been shaped by extraordinary forces of nature – volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, and the seasons. She believes it is also ever changing and constantly moving - just on a very different time-scale. 

Learn more about Jilly's work on her Instagram and Facebook.

Sue Durkin


"I live and work in the Cotswolds in an area surrounded by hills - I am immersed in this space. It is the notion of space which informs my work, whether that be a personal space of memory and experience or the physical space of the landscape itself. Everything I paint has been part of my experience of the world. Sights, sounds, smells all filed away in my memory for future use.

"I do not paint in the landscape but instead make mental notes, small thumbnail sketches and sometimes photographs which I take back to the studio and here the process begins. I am interested in the myriad patterns that time and climate impose on an ever-changing scene, like memory itself, layered and impermanent."

Learn more about Sue's work on her Instagram.

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