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Christmas Exhibition

15th - 23rd December 2023

About the Exhibition

This year we have put together a small collaborative show of 16 artists, some new, some more established with the hope of highlighting some of the amazing work that Sixteen Gallery has show throughout 2023.

So if you are still looking for that unique Christmas present we would love to see you!


 The exhibition runs from 15th-23rd December and if you are out late night shopping on Thursday 21st December we will be serving mince pies and a glass of something until 8.30pm.

List of Artists

Nicholas Robertson 
Caroline Evans
Mike Skinner
Jo Hatton
Helen Davison Bradley
Helen Zabko-Philips

Joanna Logan
Karl Hamilton-Cox
Kim Jarvis
Anna Lansley

Susannah Conway

Sue Durkin
Georgina Mullins
Andy Owen-Smith
Arthur Owen-Smith

Below is a link to our instagram where you can check out all the artists involved in this show along with all the of the shows hosted at the gallery during 2023!

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