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Compositional Dynamics
- A life in Art

2nd - 15th February 2023

Artist Statement


i.e. "Arrangement of selected visual elements to produce a unified whole".


I select, combine, modify & arrange basic visual elements 

-- line, shape, colour, space, plane, tone + form & surface.

To these I introduce more complex dynamic visual elements

-- position, direction, scale, rhythm, weight, balance.


Each of my pieces of work has a unique combination of visual elements

-- containing an inner structure or well as involving interlocking and/or overlapping dynamics.


The aim is to produce 2D & 3D compositions where the interrelationships of the "parts" lead to different variations of unified whole.

The viewer can become aware of, and respond to, how their brain & eyes move into/across/through/around each composition.

This helps to read/understand and interpret (like language) each outcome, and its parts, as well as its impact on the viewer and their senses.

I work on several pieces at the same time - in groups and series - within a range of themes and variations...(like music)...

Each piece has meaning/significance and demonstrates the essence of my inner/outer personality. 

Teaching and producing 2D & 3D Art & Design (influenced by Bauhaus/UK Basic Design Movement)

...Painting/Printing/Sculpture/Ceramics for over 50 years.


Conrad J. S. Herszenhorn.


Brief Biography

1951 - 1969

Stafford.  Parents Russian/Polish Jewish Holocaust survivors.


1969 - 1973

Hammersmith College of Art (Foundation)

Worcester College of Education (Teacher Training)


1973 - 2006

Teaching Basic Design influenced 2D/3D Art & Design curriculum.

West Midlands Inner City Multi Ethnic Comprehensive Schools as well as in Adult Education.


2006 - Present         

Retired - to focus on Personal development through Art & Design.

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