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Ellie Thomas

Ellie Thomas

'Towards Town'

Ellie Thomas is based in Cheltenham and works part-time from her back garden studio. She is a self-taught artist, whose love of painting was sparked by personal tragedy in 2017.

5 years on, Ellie continues to develop as an artist, often experimenting with different techniques and mixing media. She is passionate about creating and strives to produce work that communicates the 'feel' of a particular time and place. Ellie works in a range of media including acrylics, pastel and watercolour and enjoys experimenting with media and mark making which is evident in much of her work. The main subjects of her work are landscapes, portraits and still life.

In recent work, Ellie has developed her interest in the shapes and colours within landscape, considering how these connect and work together to convey a particular atmosphere. Her painting style is impressionistic, loose, and sometimes a little fantastical. Colours are often exaggerated to enhance a particular mood.

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