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Georgie Dowling

Georgie Dowling

'Sparkling Sea, Gower Peninsula'

Georgie was raised in rural West Wales surrounded by rolling hills and fields, no doubt influencing her current artistic practice. Having moved to Cheltenham to study Fine Art, she has now based herself there working from her home studio. Inspired by the British countryside, she explores the beauty of the landscape through her oil paintings.

“I work with thick strokes of paint applied with a palette knife creating simple shapes to highlight the flashes of colour and other defining details that stood out to me. I work quite quickly, and my marks are spontaneous and impulsive, I embrace happy accidents and enjoy the life that can be seen in a painting when the artist works instinctively. Inspiration comes to me while exploring the British landscape, sourcing colours and shapes that give me a sense of place. I’m fascinated by the relationship between the natural and man-made lines and forms in the landscape and how the two come together to create a harmonious aesthetic.”

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