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Lauren Clark

Lauren Clark

'Modern Ruin'

I am a contemporary/ fine artist based in Cheltenham, England. The foundation for my work is drawing and the many forms it can take. I experiment with drawing in relation to other mediums, such as, digital media, photography, and painting. There is usually an element of collage and layering, it is not always what it seems at first glance. This layering tells a story, which the viewer can unravel. I am inspired and motivated by my personal experiences of place and time.

Concerned with how technological advances will continue to change the context of my work, I am progressively interested in what it means to bring the virtual into real life, with handmade, traditional techniques. I studied Fine art at the University of Gloucestershire, where I completed my BA and MA. Before I took the step to study a degree in Art, I did various related courses, such as Production Arts, where I specialised in makeup artistry. Since then, I have blended the physical skills of makeup artistry and my innate creativity to pursue my career as a fine artist.

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