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Luba Arnold-Larnie

Luba Arnold-Larnie


I am a contemporary landscape artist having a degree in history and art. My paintings emotionally explore and represent nature in all its states and behaviours, from gentle and calm to brutal and violent. In my artwork, nature comes to life and unleashes the full force of what it feels; at times it is distraught, at times delighted to be alive. I try to capture all its emotions in a semi-abstract form.

With acrylic and oil as my main media, I play with colours, lights, and forms. I take colours that can be seen in nature with the naked eye, and I intensify them, push them to extremes. I use a palette knife to create texture and overlap numerous layers of paint to add depth. I paint from memory, sketches, photographs and, of course, on location. My work regularly appears in exhibitions in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Devon, and St. Ives in Cornwall.

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