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Sarah Brooker

Sarah Brooker

'Black Mountains Sunset'

I trained originally in Fine Art at Portsmouth University, followed by a postgraduate in Textiles at Goldsmiths College. My interest in textiles took me on a sculptural journey for many years, working mainly in metals; but on discovering the intriguing process of felt making at Goldsmiths, I changed course 20 years ago, and in recent years was resident felt maker at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester for 12 years. After recently relocating to Stroud, I am concentrating on making work for exhibition and to commission here, from my lovely studio at three storeys.

Wet felting itself, which involves hot water, soap, and friction, is an alchemic process which bonds fibres permanently, creating textile ‘paintings’ which compliment interiors and allow a soft sense of our living environment, as well as soundproofing. I use merino fleeces, silk, and flax fibre, often embellishing with stitch.

I have exhibited widely in the UK over 30 years, and created commissions for here and abroad, and am very interested in the challenges of drawing within textiles as well as returning to painting myself recently, as a way of rediscovering mark making and colour. Crayon drawing has helped me reconnect with nature and direct working with colour. Its flexibility mimics the fibres I have worked with for so long.

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