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Tim Turton

Tim Turton

'Wind Blasted Wolds'

I’m a Cheltenham based figurative artist. I paint what I enjoy, what's around me and things I know. I endeavour to create work that is a response to a place or a moment – partly from memory, partly from the sketches that I make on location and partly from source material, combining these together for a finished composition. I continuously draw and make sketches from life and from varied references. I predominately work in acrylic and love the versatility of this medium. I try to balance colour, line, and form – contrasting delicate marks with bold brushwork and flat areas of colour. I continue to amend a painting as it develops so each work has a history of mark making. I have been described as a painters’ painter, I think this means that there is intrinsic beauty in the mark making and composition – a process I use to get the essence, both movement and stillness, of a subject matter.

After leaving college, I like many artists had to work in other trades to supplement my desire to create. However, I was very fortunate, at twenty-five I got a position of artist within a studio in the UK. Assorted jobs followed which I combined successfully with selling paintings and producing public artwork (paintings and mosaics). There was also a time as artist in residence. Interestingly the range of jobs I have had has kept me grounded, broadened my experience of life, and added to my creativity.

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