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Tracy Hunt

Tracy Hunt


Tracy works spontaneously and intuitively, creating atmospheric art based around themes of landscapes and seascapes. She works primarily with cold wax and oils which allow for part incidental, part designed outcomes. Tracy is curious about what occurs during making, allowing accidental effects to become part of the piece. Her work is about the essence of a moment in time, evoking a feeling, sensation and memory of an experience and place. The intention is to feel that sense of familiarity, like deja-vu, we know we’ve been there before, felt this before, in another time and place.

For Tracy, the Alchemic process of working with Cold Wax is like a visual metaphor for life. That is - to enjoy the journey of exploration, sometimes venturing into the unknown, evolving, changing, ebbing and flowing, giving, taking and adapting, the outcomes of which are undetermined. Sometimes light, sometimes dark, and frequently surprising and beautiful. She has a studio at the Lansdown Art Studios in Cheltenham and is part of a community of 21 artists on the Lansdown Industrial Estate.

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