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Trevor Ray Hart

Trevor Ray Hart

Yewbarrow, Wast Water, Cumbria

Artist Biography

Born London, 1967.

My creative focus has always been intrinsically linked to my photographic practice. I have balanced my personal work alongside commercial commissions, choosing to work on long term projects as a way of maintaining a personal creative voice. My art has always been about capturing my natural curiosity and wanderlust. The work connects to each other through my frequent wanderings, discovering something new on the journey and in turn recording the encounter. I enjoy my reactive approach to creating the artwork. By choosing to use a camera to record my observations, allows me the control to select the moment when to connect with the details and nuances discovered within found environments and to interact with people that also occupy these shared spaces. This process has enabled my work to form a collection of visual narratives and in turn develop my own intimate connection to the places that I explore.

I have exhibited both in the UK and internationally along with work acquired for the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery.

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