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Lucy Milne

Lucy Milne


I did my art foundation at Cheltenham college in 1979/80 before doing a degree in illustration at Harrow. Soon afterwards I concentrated all my efforts on portraiture and I find it endlessly fulfilling.

I prefer to work from life because I believe that portraiture is about interpreting the character and temperament of the subject as much as it is about capturing a good likeness. An extraordinary, temporary relationship can be formed between artist and sitter during the creation of a portrait.

I also draw animals and for me the same rule, of observing them in real life, applies. My work is mostly in pastel and sometimes monotone sanguine. My studio is between Stroud and Nailsworth but I travel the country fulfilling commissions and have been doing so for the past 30 years.

Every commission is different and I would be delighted to discuss any potential project.

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