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Elements of Nature

2nd - 8th June 2022

This exhibition presents two distinctive instinctual interpretations of ‘Elements of Nature’ by two emerging Gloucestershire based artists.

Wendy Golding

My group of work for ‘Elements of Nature’ are intuitive personal responses to the Five Elements of nature – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space (Ether) that were seen by Ancient Greek philosophers as the building blocks of life.

I hope to convey how the manipulation of the paint - movement, texture, surface, as well as colour, can symbolise the characteristics of each element.

I have a passion for art in all its forms and how it is the one universal language that can speak to all people. Picasso’s words "My hand tells me what I’m thinking” rings so true for me, as the movement of my hands have always been key in my life to communicating with people - both as an artist but also from working within the Gloucestershire Deaf Community for 18 years as a British Sign Language Communicator.
Though I have painted all my life I recently took the step to become a full-time contemporary artist working as an abstracted landscape artist. I like to emotively interpret the world around me, hinting at memories of light and space, using intuitive marks and lines to illustrate movement, light, and texture. 

Working mostly in Acrylic, inks, pastels, mixed media, and charcoal I am influenced by Abstract Expressionism - a movement that focused on using spontaneous bursts of emotion and intuition when painting - focusing on the surface of the artwork; its colour, marks and glazes - that arouse a pure, instinctive and individual interpretation from the viewer. 

I am based in Gloucester, on the edge of the beautiful Cotswolds – and take cues from the rhythm, energy and motion and textures of nature’s forms. I love that how you apply paint and marks can capture the essence of a scene.

I have exhibited all around Gloucestershire and I am part of Living from Art and Junction 12 Art Groups - both of which promote local emerging and established artists.

Find more about Wendy on her website, Instagram and Facebook.

Beverley Perry

My work for the ‘Elements of Nature’ interprets the Light, Colour, Texture, and Movement in the elements of nature around us.

I am an artist based in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. Art is my passion – I wake up thinking about it and I go to bed thinking about it.


My work is influenced by my strong love of nature and the world around me. I take my inspiration from my walking and the inner peace and contentment it gives me. I love nothing more than being out in the open air taking in my surroundings: our beautiful countryside with its changing seasons, the mood and atmosphere of our weather, our rugged seascapes and magical skies which all make up nature's tapestries. 

My pieces come to life by combining the use of: my own photographs, sketching, a bit of imagination, and a wealth of artistic licence. I work in most mediums depending on the subject of my painting. My current favourite is mixed media, using ink with the paint, which has given me the freedom to push through my comfort zone and make my work more expressive.

Find more about Beverley on her website, Instagram and Facebook.

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