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4th - 17th May

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Professional artists Jane Arthur, Susan Birth, Dan Holden and Jennifer Ng are inspired by personal perceptions and their response to the contemporary world.

They work in a variety of mediums including abstract oil and acrylic painting, mixed media, watercolour with Chinese ink, and textile art. Their contrasting art styles offer visitors a broad and varied experience and ways of seeing.


Jane, Susan, Dan and Jennifer work and exhibit at Yew Trees Artist Studios situated at Bevere Gallery near Worcester. Their studios and artists’ gallery are open to visitors Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.

Jane Arthur

Jane is a landscape artist working in mixed media, collage and textiles. She tries to capture a moment, memory or the feel of a location, building her work in layers working in collage, paint and stitch. She is based in Worcester and joined Yew Trees Artist Studios in 2022.

Susan Birth

Susan works in acrylic, acrylic ink and collage, creating impressionistic landscapes that may be derived from real places or imagined scenes depicting an ethereal, dreamlike world contrasting with our own, perhaps evoking a thought, emotion, mood or memory. She also enjoys painting still life subjects, in particular plants and flowers. 

Susan has had work commissioned by Worcestershire County Council and Severn Arts. Her art has been exhibited widely including at Mall Galleries in London.

Dan Holden

Dan Holden is a UK based abstract artist who creates striking contemporary art work. He paints in oils on recycled OSB board. The robust nature of OSB allows Dan to be quite brutal in his creative process, including the deliberate scraping back of many layers of paint repeatedly eradicating an ordered image to develop layers and textures. This methodology creates unique individual artworks that whist undoubtedly modern have their inspiration rooted in the art movements of the 20thcentury.

Jennifer Ng

Jennifer explores the indexical markings in nature as a way of rethinking our assumptions about the world. 

Jennifer has presented her art and research works internationally. She recently exhibited at the RBA exhibition at the Mall Galleries. She was also featured in Art Habens Art Review and listed in the Aesthetica's Magazine Artist Directory.

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