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13th - 19th April


Four talented women, using different media of stone, print, and oil paint, find meaning in their art. Their art is their passion and the meaning evolves and is uncovered in the process. They come together to celebrate the joy of their art.

Deborah Harrison

Deborah is a contemporary sculptor who specialises in stone. She won the 2022 Ashburner Sculpture Prize and 2020 South West Academy Fine and Applied Arts Sculpture award and Guest Judges Award. Notable sales are to the United Nations Chair of the anti-torture subcommitee and the Gloucestershire NHS Trust. Deborah follows the grain, colour and form of the stone to reveal what's within.

Annette Harrod

 Annette Harrod completed an MA in Fine Art (printmaking) at Pittville College, University of Gloucestershire in 2015

She continuously works in her studio at home where she experiment with various techniques in printmaking.

She had various exhibitions at the "Garden Gallery" at Montpellier Gardens and in "Open Houses" in Cheltenham.

Her recent work is an inspiration through the many walks through the parks during the  Covid-19 Pandemic which is portrayed in her Linocuts. 

Jane Brighton

Jane Brighton is a contemporary abstract and semi abstract artist , At the age of eighteen she won a place to study for four years at the Slade School of Fine Art specializing in painting and drawing. Intrigued by the play of the unconscious in art she studied art psychotherapy at Goldsmiths as a mature student.

She has exhibited widely including in Cork Street, Bankside and the Meunieres Gallery in London and the RWA. Her work is in private collections in Holland, Japan and the States and bought by the Glos.NHS Trust, the Nuffield and the Isbourne Foundation.


She is in the catalogue and website of the National Art of the UK  YourPaintings/UKArt.

Anthea Millier

Anthea is a fine art printmaker concerned with nature and landscape      She is a walking artist working mainly with the environment developing a relationship with the landscape.   She uses mixed media and print to convey the essence of landscape using found materials and natural forms to create original and complex images

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