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Flickering: Temporal Glimpses of the Self

20th - 26th April

We are a group of three emerging artists, currently studying for our MA in Fine Art, this exhibition looks to consider themes of time and the self, exploring how we navigate today’s often confusing and pressured world. Our work is linked both thematically, and through a joy in each other’s practice.

Tom Bezuglovs

Tom recontextualises art history by re-addressing the role of the portrait in relation to contemporary society. His work explores recurring themes of the self through fragmentation, texture and composition. Tom often changes the direction of the work through style or subject. The work has energy, mystery and movement. 


Sammi Fletcher

Sammi Fletcher's research investigates the traumatized female gaze through process-based media. Exploring concepts of memory through figuration, figures unearthed like forgotten memories, or vanished entirely. She works to investigate the spaces between, the void caused by questions of identity, trauma, and societal values. Her luminous paintings evoke unease through gesture and often violent treatment of surface. Sammi is a figurative artist predominately working in oil paint and print, research plays a large part within her deeply considered practice. Revelling in materiality, each element of her work holds part of the narrative, from surface to direction of line, from brush to the medium employed. She uses palette as signifier in all she does.

Liv Mitchell

Liv Mitchell is a painter led heavily by the process of making. Her complex compositions are often informed by collages she constructs through printmaking methods. This allows her to experiment with possible colour palettes and the effect of negative space before committing to canvas. Her research through making often results in large, rhythmic, and sculptural paintings that are often monumental both in scale and content. As well as extensively planning her paintings, Mitchell plays on accidents that occur during the process.

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