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Information for Exhibitors

Here you'll find some helpful information about exhibiting at Sixteen Gallery. 

Gallery Dimensions


The gallery has 26.5 linear metres of wall space and a height from floor to ceiling of 3 metres.


The red lines on the diagram below represent where you can display work on the walls. The dashed line represents the window which is capable of hanging artwork.

We recommend using as much as the vertical wall space as you can stacking pictures on top of one another.

View the full image here.

Track Hanging System

The gallery uses a track hanging system to hold artworks.


You will be supplied with a quantity of clip hooks and cords for hanging of artwork and signage.

There are three types of cords:

1. Smartspring with perlon cords (holds maximum weight of 8.8lbs)

2. Zipper with perlon cord (holds maximum weight of 33 lbs)

3. Zipper with steel cord (holds maximum weight of 44 lbs)

Please do not cut off any excess cords. Instead, position the unwanted cord behind the artwork. 

No artwork or signage should be mounted on the walls using anything other than the hanging cords provided.

Lighting System


The ceiling lights have been directed to the main gallery walls, but if you would like to reposition them, please follow the steps below:

To remove the spotlight, set the circular dial to off and release the spotlight from the track by releasing the locking switch.

Before the spotlight is installed ensure the circuit selector (circular dial) is in the off position.

Locate the fixture into the track. The track adapter will only fit in one way and must be lined up with the correct groove.

Once in position, turn the locking switch through 90 degrees to secure the spotlight in position.


Setting Up

The gallery will be available for exhibitors to set up on Wednesday evening from 6.30 pm and at the end of the hire period all exhibits should be removed by 5.30 pm on the Wednesday evening.

Opening Times

For the remainder of the week, there are no set opening hours, leaving exhibitors free to decide their own hours. However, as it is located in a residential area, the gallery should not be opened before 9 am or any later than 10 pm Monday-Saturday. On Sundays the gallery can only be open between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.

The gallery is closed on Christmas Day.

Using Ladders and Fire Extinguishers

Care should be taken when using the ladder provided. Before you first use the step ladder, please ensure it is properly extended and the platform is placed in the full support position. Always where possible have someone else support the ladder when in use.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the fire extinguishers.

Fire Alarm System

You will receive a demonstration of what to do should the fire alarm be activated. If this occurs you will need to take the following steps to reset the alarm:

Check the location of the detector that has been activated as indicated by the panel in the cupboard by the door.

Area 1 - 1st floor gallery and basement.

If there is no sign of a fire or smoke, then it is possible that the alarm has been triggered in error and needs to be reset.


Wi-Fi Password

Sixteen Gallery offers free Wi-Fi to its exhibitors and visitors. A password will be provided to you when you set up in the gallery. Exhibitors who wish to play music in the gallery must select the Music Additional Service when booking the gallery.


Labels and Display Materials  

All labels and display materials should be removed carefully at the end of the show, ensuring no excess adhesive remains on the walls. 

Exhibitors are free to display information about their exhibit in the gallery. There is a door notice slot that can hold signage no larger than A4 and an A2 swing sign for a poster to be displayed to the public.

Promotional Materials

Exhibitors are welcome to bring their own business cards or leaflets for their exhibit. Please do not leave any promotional materials behind after your exhibit as we would like to keep the gallery space clear and ready for the next exhibitor.

Food and Drink

The gallery has a fridge that can store food and drink. The gallery is not licensed for the sale of food or drink, but complimentary drinks, including alcohol may be provided to guests. It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to ensure appropriate measures are in place to control underage or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages are in place.

If you wish to organise an evening event and intend to charge for food or alcoholic drinks, even if you are collecting for charity, then a Temporary Event Notice will need to be submitted and approved by the local council. You will need 10 working days before the event for registration.

Bathroom Facilities

The cloakroom is available for exhibitor use only. Cleaning products and additional toilet supplies are stored in the cupboard under the sink.

Venue Capacity

Due to the building’s fire regulations the maximum number of visitors at any time must not exceed 60 people.


There is a parking space for one vehicle at the rear of the property. Please ensure you park close to the left side wall as the right side is reserved for residential parking.

A Board

An A board is available for exhibitors to promote their show. The posters used should be no larger than A2. The sign is double-sided allowing exhibitors to place two posters back to back.


Exhibitors can display the A board when they open the gallery in the morning which then must be brought inside the gallery overnight.


When displaying the A board, please use the upper area of the pavement, ensuring the board doesn't block any pathways.

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