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Inspired By Nature

22nd - 29th February 2024

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Janet and Lynne have come together to explore their connection to the rich and diverse nature that surrounds them in wire and paint.

Lynne Littler - Sculpture

Using wire as her medium of choice Lynne captures the movement and form to evoke feelings or memories, Lynne enjoys the nature of wire that is manipulated by hand using few tools other than her hands.

Two major themes run through Lynnes work; trees – our  majestic friends of the earth that nurture our souls and hold so many childhood memories and the diverse world of birds, the other main inspiration behind her work – capturing the beauty and sense of freedom of our natural world.

Janet Chaplin

Janet’s art is all about contrasts:- Colour, Textures, Marks, Mood and shape.  Working from the stunning landscapes and seascapes of South Wales, recently focusing on river banks and Trees.   Her colours are inspired by Derain and the Fauves and her compositions informed by the ‘’rules’’ such as the rule of thirds and leading lines.  But above all her paintings are vibrant, full of life and atmosphere. This collection of paintings encapsulating her love of colour and textures.

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