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Into The Light

30th - 5th July

Into the Light Juen 23.jpg

Maike Nielsen

Born in Hamburg, Maike Nielsen has found her home in the enchanting Cotswolds.

An avid walker, she draws inspiration from the beauty she encounters on her walks, capturing the essence of nature's beauty and its ability to reflect and enhance human emotions.

With a Master’s degree in Fine Art and a background in psychology Maike’s atmospheric and evocative paintings invite viewers to embark on their own journey, discovering the many levels of emotional response hidden in each artwork while ultimately rediscovering the joy of light, life and hopefulness. 

Building her work through many transparent layers, Maike works primarily in acrylic, ink and mixed media. Her artwork can be found in private collections across the globe, cherished for their captivating narratives and emotive atmospheres.

You can see more of Maike's work by using the links below.

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