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Junction 12

11th - 17th April 2024

Five members of Junction 12 Art Group are delivering a show of wild and vivid things.

Abstracts, animals, other worldliness, birds, nature, landscapes and people – whatever subjects these guys bring you, it’s a guarantee there will be colour, movement and an uplifting zing to transform the dullest of days.


The artists featuring are Natalie Bowden, Tamsin Stuart, Gerald Crittle, Beverley Perry and Ann Hunt.

About the Artists

Promenade - Natalie Bowden.jpg


Natalie Bowden

Cotswolds-based Natalie Bowden loves to express her personality and those of her subjects through the use of vibrant colours and movement.

Her favourite medium is watercolour, for its fluidity, luminescence and unpredictable nature. She says painting in watercolour is always an experiment!

Her watercolour journey began at an art class in her local village hall when her youngest was a baby. While she had always been creative, spending much of her childhood drawing and crafting, her true passion for painting sparked during early parenthood.

She soon developed a style, not by design but by simply painting with the flow, wherever the feeling took her.

Tamsin Stuart

Cheltenham-based Tamsin Stuart creates representational art full of energy and life in acrylic and oil. Whatever subject she tackles, there will always be colour and movement.

Alongside art, her other passion is kickboxing and martial arts. As a result, she likes her pieces to have a punch, a whoosh moment, a sense of being alive.

An ex-newspaper journalist, she likes getting stuck into new challenges, painting whatever catches her eye. But her favourite subjects include birds, water, wildlife, nature, animals, sport and, more recently buildings, local landmarks, fruit and flowers.

She set up Tamsin Stuart Art in 2018, the same year she became a blackbelt.

Workers Unite - Tamsin Stuart.jpg

"Workers Unite"

Apricity - Gerald Crittle.jpg


Gerald Crittle

Gerald Crittle is an abstract artist based in Gloucestershire who enjoys creating textured surfaces and experimenting with mixed media.

His art often hints at celestial bodies like planets and galaxies, but he purposely avoids depicting anything easily identifiable. He also uses old gnarled floorboards as a canvas to bring a bit of quirkiness and originality to each piece, and no two are the same.

Gerald started painting in 2008 and over time he has developed his technique, established a style and increased his output. His art is created in his studio in Cheltenham and at home in his garden.

Beverley Perry

Beverley Perry is a Gloucestershire-based artist. Her paintings are an expression of warmth, colour and personality, capturing the mood and atmosphere of her surroundings using vibrant colour texture and light. 

Her pieces, created using mixed media of acrylic and inks, are influenced by her strong love of nature. They feature beautiful countryside, stunning seascapes and wonderful woodlands, all with a wealth of artistic licence.

Meadowland Stream - Beverly Perry.jpg

"Meadowland Stream"

'Severn floods from my bedroom window' - Ann Hunt.jpg

"Severn floods from my bedroom window"

Ann Hunt

Ann Hunt is a wildlife artist involved in the conservation of endangered species.

She began painting after retiring from a busy life as a veterinary surgeon in Scotland running an equestrian centre.

She now lives in Gloucestershire and started painting to help raise funds for conservation projects, volunteering at an elephant orphanage in Zambia, set up with the help from David Shepherd.

This gives her focus on which projects to choose.

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