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Land, Sea & Sky

28th October - 3rd November 2021

Land, Sea and Sky is an exhibition by three Gloucestershire artists, Tracy Hunt, Tony Davie and Gerald Crittle.


They have several things in common, including having a space at Lansdown Art Studios and creating dramatic landscapes and seascapes. However, their style and media are very different, making this an interesting and intriguing exhibition. 


Tracy Hunt will be showing her atmospheric landscapes and seascapes created using a cold wax process. For this exhibition, Tony Davie will be showing his heavily textured, semi-abstract paintings of Sennen Cove and the Cotswolds. The landscapes exhibited by abstract artist Gerald Crittle will be of a planet from some faraway galaxy.

Tracy Hunt


Having studied and taught art for many years Tracy felt it was time to develop her own work several years ago.


Since then she was fortunate to secure a studio space at the Lansdown Art Studios and has enjoyed being an associate member since. Tracy enjoys working spontaneously and intuitively with textured surfaces, creating atmospheric art based around themes of landscapes and seascapes.

She tries to capture the essence of a moment in time, rather than a specific place, evoking traces of a feeling, sensation and memory of an experience. She works mainly with the Cold Wax process - a combination of modified beeswax and oil paints, but also enjoys printmaking and mixed media/acrylics.

For Tracy the Cold Wax is like a visual metaphor for life. That is - to enjoy the journey of exploration, a cosmic venture into the unknown, evolving, changing, ebbing and flowing, giving, taking and adapting, the outcomes of which are undetermined, frequently surprising and beautiful.

Red & Blue - Tracy Hunt.png

Red & Blue

Destiny of Souls - Tony Davie.JPG

Tony Davie

Tony has a love and passion for both Sennen Cove in Cornwall and the Cotswolds. The artworks are a mixture of memory, impression and abstraction.

They try to capture the very soul and essence of these magical places. He adores using texture and it helps give the paintings a multi-dimensional feel. The vibrancy of his artistic style has been developed through travel, experimentation, and a fascination with light, colour and shape.

Destiny of Souls

Gerald Crittle


Of the three artists taking part in this exhibition, Gerald’s work is the most experimental. He starts each painting by adding texture, which provides a backdrop for his work created using mixed media. This includes a wide range of different paints, enamels and inks.

Gerald works spontaneously, not trying to replicate a recognisable scene but to create an image of a planet from a galaxy far away from earth. His aim is for the viewer to see something different every time they look at one of his paintings. Many of his paintings are finished with a clear resin, enhancing the colours and highlighting the texture and shapes.

During this exhibition, Gerald will also show some recently created work from his ‘New Life’ series. These paints bring new life to old gnarled boards creating large, interesting wall objects. Again these are finished with clear resin.  

Hidden Planet - Gerald Crittle.png

Hidden Planet

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