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Making Contact/Ta Kontakt

23rd November - 6th December 2023

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An International Print Collaboration Between Sweden and the U.K.

About the Exhibition

A chance reunion at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) Open Exhibition in Bristol between Grafiska Sällskapet member, Jenny Palmer, and an old friend, Dr Wendy Rhodes from the Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative (GPC), has blossomed into an exciting international collaboration between the two organisations bringing together 39 printmakers under the project title ‘Making Contact/Ta Kontakt’.

Through their conversations they thought it would be lovely to share their experience of regaining contact by expanding the possibility to a wider group of printmakers, especially so after the experience of the pandemic.

This collaboration provides an opportunity for printmakers to work together in pairs and learn more about one another and their different ways of working in print. The artists’ responses to this theme can be the result of a physical print exchange, prints made independently but discussed and inspired by one another, or prints where both have contributed visual elements to one final image.

‘Making Contact/Ta Kontakt’ culminates in two exhibitions: the first was at Grafiska Sällskapet in Stockholm, 27th May - 18th June 2023, and the second will be Sixteen Gallery in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in the U.K. from the 23rd November to the 6th December 2023.

Sixteen Gallery presents the results of the collaborative process, showing prints that illustrate the trust that has developed between the printmakers. It is fascinating to see how the various pairings have brought their ideas together working in close harmony. All the participants have found that the process has opened their imagination, tested their methodologies and has enabled them to achieve fascinating results.

Collaborative partners

Andy Lovell & Maria Lagerborg
Anne Haworth & Lotta Döbling
Beth Jenkins & Fran Christen & Jenny Palmer
Christine Felce & Eric Saline
Eileen Dunlop & Kristina Stark
Emily Lucas & Ellen Cronholm
Fiona McIntyre & Anne-Lie Larsson Ljung
Frances Day & Eva Spikbacka
Gerry O’Dwyer & Richard Galloway
Jane Sasanow & Kristina Thun
Jeannie Brown & Ellen Blakstad Paus
Judy Pascoe & Isabelle Nilsson
Marie Smith & Lena Hjelm
Ollie Goodson & Yasmina Karli Malmsten
Siobain Drury & Roger Metto
Tonia Maddison & Jenny Strid
Tony Lloyd & Lisa Andren
Wendy Rhodes & Ulla-Carin Winter

Please do follow the project on Instagram by following the link below or head over to and for more about each of the group

Look out for a feature article in the printmaking magazine Pressing Matters, issue 24. A link to their website is below. Another feature will be found in Good on Paper, the free arts and culture magazine for Stroud and the surrounding areas.

Reflections of Industry

Wendy Rhodes

Cailleah Bheara Creation Goddess

Fiona McIntyre MA (Soton), ARE

In Praise of Wind

Andy Lovell


Anne Haworth

Spring Va

Eileen Dunlop


Fran Christen

These are a few of my favourite things”  "det här är några av mina favoritsaker

Judy Pascoe


Tonia Maddison

Fishes’ Revenge

Anthony Lloyd


Ollie Goodson

Different Hills Same Sky, Olika kullar, Samma himmel

Siobain Drury

Whitechapel, Rush Hour

Jeannie Brown BA Hons


Gerry O’Dwyer

You’re a rare find 1

Emily Lucas

The Three of Us II

Beth Jenkins

Trespass 3

Christine Felce


Frances Day

Images from the exhibition

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