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Moments In Time

18th - 24th July


About the Artist

I am an artist drawn to stories. Before painting, I look to connect with my subjects, so building trust is key. My portraits reflect my curiosity and the bonds I form.

My journey began at 14, learning from a French artist during a Summer-long exchange. Portraits bridged our language gap, deepening my passion for painting people. That experience helped to set my artistic path.

As Gallery Sixteen's 2024 Supported Artist, I am thrilled to showcase new work. Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016, I've exhibited at prestigious venues like the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition in the Mall Galleries in London, Victoria Art Gallery and Bath Society of Artists 2020. I am now a studio holder at The Island in Bristol.

The portraits in this exhibition capture moments from the past five years, both in my life and the lives of my subjects. It's often "paint at first sight"—I'm drawn to their character and not just their appearance. There is richness to be found in every face and in every character.

Take "Cebi" (oil on canvas, 2021). It's a snapshot from one of our many conversations. She pauses, reading a message,then looks up—seeking confirmation or a second opinion.

Portraiture involves vulnerability for both artist and subject. A successful portrait hinges on our connection, revealing not just a likeness, but a glimpse of their essence—a moment in time.

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Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 13.33.32.png
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