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Naturally Figurative

2nd - 8th December 2021

"We were really keen to exhibit at Sixteen Gallery as it is a stunning new space in a lovely area of Cheltenham. We wanted to collaborate with other local artists whose work would fit well together, yet cover a good range."


Paula Kear creates finely detailed drawings of people and animals using chalk pastel pencils, Ann Hunt (Owls End Art) is passionate about wildlife conservation, in particular an elephant orphanage, so sensitively portrays their personalities. Trudi Hayden professionally paints her beloved Cotswold countryside, capturing its moods with realism.


Together we are proud to present our ‘Naturally Figurative’ exhibition showcasing people, animals and landscapes in the form of fine art originals, prints and cards. We look forward to welcoming you.

Paula Kear


Paula Kear is a Cheltenham-born artist creating detailed drawings of people and animals, using chalk pastel pencils and occasionally, with the addition of graphite. She has had no formal training but, now that she has more time, it's important for her to draw regularly, for her art to evolve and not to stay within her comfort zone. Paula chooses subjects that challenge her skills, pushing the boundaries of chalk to the limit with ultra-fine lines and blending/shading.


"I love the contrast between light and shade as it can instantly transform and dramatise a portrait. I have recently experimented with vivid colours to really make my ever-changing subjects stand out and make an impact. Pastels are so flexible and I find it amazing how many shades can be created using just one pencil. They can help to mimic the texture of fur and hair and blending is a joy. I usually start with the eyes as they are fascinating and unique and, along with the mouth, should help to tell the story. All the focus is on the subject as I want it to stand out from the paper and draw the viewer in."

Find out more about Paula's work on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Trudi Hayden

Trudi Hayden is a Cotswold artist specialising in paintings inspired by nature.  She paints country scenes in a striking, realistic style, capturing the passing light and seasons on canvas.

A love of nature developed into a passion for painting for Trudi.  Living in a village by the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, her muse is on the doorstep.  Long walks with her dog up hills and through woodland and field touch her imagination daily, and from these she selects the individual scenes that speak to her the most.  Using acrylic paints, she attempts to recreate the most compelling moments in nature.

Her original paintings vary from small (8” x 8”) to large (100cm x 150cm), are in acrylic, mostly on deep edged canvas with the painting continued around the edge, and usually take weeks or months to complete.  She aims to capture the light in her work, and the details that finish off a piece. In addition to her original paintings, she offers limited edition, signed Fine Art Prints.

Trudi’s work has been exhibited across the South West of England, including the RBSA and RWA, and is in collections across the UK and overseas.

Find out more about Trudi's work from her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ann Hunt


Ann is a self taught artist, taking up painting after retiring from a hectic life as a Vet and farmer. After joining an art class on a long cruise, she was inspired to take an online water colour diploma course at the London College of Art, gaining a distinction.

The Wildlife Art Society International welcomed her into their membership and inspired her to exhibit with early success. The opportunity to volunteer at an elephant Orphanage in Zambia cropped up from a chance remark and 6 weeks later she was winging her way to Zambia. She describes this time as the best 3 weeks of her life. Animals in all shapes and sizes have always been her passion and she soon realised painting gave opportunities to raise funds for conservation projects so the invitation to return the following year as Artist in Residence was grasped with alacrity.


“A photograph has to beg me to paint it. There must be a story behind it giving a degree of mystery or humour or even sadness. I want a painting to make people question the story.”

She has been exploring the use of different mediums and recently, since lockdown, produced an exciting new series of work in charcoal. It is a medium that is so versatile and can help with the feeling of mystery. One doesn’t know don’t quite how the painting is going to end up.

Find out more about Ann's work from her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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