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One Story Is Not Enough

7th - 13th April 2022

'One Story Is Not Enough' is an upcoming joint exhibition by local artists Jane Brighton, Luba Arnold-Larnie and Anthea Millier. The exhibition will feature contemporary and abstract landscape works.

Jane Brighton


My work is abstract oil paintings on canvas, often large canvases of 1 x 1.25 m.


To me the subject matter is less important than the feelings when I paint; I work intuitively, responding to the colours, forms and textures and these form their own direction and life.


These colours and shapes resonate with places, landscapes and memories and I play music when I paint so that one abstract art influences another. 

I trained at the Slade in drawing and painting and at Goldsmiths where I studied art psychotherapy and this has made me more aware of the unconscious in my practice.


I gained the MA in Fine Art specialising in the place of memory in abstract art. I have exhibited widely including Cork Street and Bankside Open and am included in the National Art of the UK YourPaintings/UKArt 

jane - two trees.jpg
luba - untethered.jpg

Luba Arnold-Larnie


I am a contemporary landscape artist.


I've always been fascinated by nature and in particular the power of the sea, from moments of complete calm to stormy conditions with crashing waves.

Many of my paintings are of coastal landscapes featuring the ever changing shape and colours formed by the combination of the land, sea and sky. In addition, I've always been attracted by the colours produced from morning and evening daylight. 

I have also drawn inspiration from my travels. I often paint on location, but also in my studio from notes, sketches and photographs. 

My paintings are not always portraits of particular places, more an attempt to distill a memory of a space with its light and atmosphere therefore leaving them open to other interpretations and perceptions. 

Anthea Millier


Anthea Millier is a fine artist printmaker concerned with nature and landscape. 

Anthea is a walking artist working mainly with the environment developing a relationship with the landscape.


Using her walks as a creative and aesthetic practice and an instrument for the development of complex artistic ideas used in her work. 

Anthea mainly works as a Printmaker using found objects found on her walks using techniques such as mono-printing collagraphy and other experimental ways of printing.


Her work has been described as abstract and contemporary. 

anthea - meadow land.jpg
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