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Our World

24th March - 6th April 2022

Our World is an upcoming exhibition at Sixteen Gallery featuring an exciting mixture of artists who create art in unique styles. The show focuses on themes of animals, nature and environments.

Gilly Hill


Most of Gilly’s work is a reflection of the places she loves and misses in her home country, Zambia.


She was lucky that she frequently travelled into very remote areas and being a keen (bird) photographer, took many photos of all the places she visited.


Working in oils, her Zambian scenes are usually of wide open spaces with the ubiquitous road or bush path leading just simply, somewhere.


The images represent a captured moment in time, that simply filled her with such utter joy that I've been fit to burst with the beauty of it.

into the woods.gilly hill jpeg.jpeg

Sue Jarvis


Sue’s work for this exhibition has been influenced by her love of animals great and small and nature in general. She works mainly in chalk pastels, charcoal, acrylics and water colours.


Sue was a successful and frequent exhibitor in Harare , Zimbabwe, and attracted a significant following; after 25 years managing a wildlife camp in her native Zimbabwe, African wildlife was, and continues to be, her foremost passion, inspiration and encompasses what she considers to be  “My World”.

Sally Banks


"My career was art and design within the textile and advertising industry in Zimbabwe. Privately, I exhibited my work in local galleries, solo and with other artists, and took on commissions, as I do now here in the UK. I start with feeling into my subject. Essence and simplicity are important to me when I paint. I sketch and block in tones using one colour usually burnt sienna, then filling in colour with the emphasis on the play of light on form.

"The roots of my creativity are in Africa: the people, the vegetation and the multifaceted landscapes of Zimbabwe were to me vibrant and beautiful. When I work from nature, I prefer the vividness of close-up views, making the play of light the main ingredient. I am aware that I'm drawing inspiration from my own story behind the subject, the ongoing script of everything observed. I love the human form and face. My pleasure and aim in portraiture is to convey subtle expression that reveals personality, the story behind the eyes."

Sylvia Wadsley


Sylvia trained at Bradford Art College and graduated in 2003. She has been painting ever since but much more intensively in the last three years. Sylvia uses observational sketches, altered photography and an imagined reflection of places to create her art.


"The seascapes in this exhibition are inspired by my visits to Brittany and an artist's residency at Cape Cornwall. Through painting these seascapes I celebrate our connection with the natural world and our collective love of the sea. My work derives from my love of the natural environment and concerns about it."

Leigh Banks


Leigh has a BA in Fine Art and has been working as a full-time artist for 20 years, using research imagery related to an idea, sketch direct onto canvas, then paint (usually acrylics).


Leigh draws inspiration from people, animals and music.

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