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Playing With Paint

29th February - 6th March 2024



Oil on Canvas

90 x 90 cm

£21,000 inc £3,500 donation to Tusk

About the Artist

Hannah Shergold is a mixed media artist whose paintings have reached international recognition since she left the Armed Forces in 2018. In her previous life as a helicopter pilot she served on medical evacuation duties, and whilst on standby duties she honed her skills as a watercolorist. Later switching to oils, she developed a style that involved applying thick, impasto oil paint to the canvas, before scraping it through itself to create unusual patterns and geometric lines. 


Hannah's work has sold across 5 continents and in 2022 she took over The Mall Galleries in London for her self-represented solo exhibition. She is an ambassador to Prince William’s conservation charity, Tusk, and since 2018 has raised over £350,000 for charity through the donation and sale of her work. 


Now a resident of our beloved Cheltenham with her studio just a short walk from Sixteen Gallery, Hannah’s latest collection stems from the desire to explore new techniques and products, pushing the boundaries of what the paint can really do, all the while applying her unnatural approach to colour and shape to the natural world. 


Not to be missed!


To register for Hannah’s evening preview event on the 29th February please click the link below.


"The Life of Lion"

Oil on Canvas

75 x 60 cm

£16,800 inc £2,800 donation to Tusk


"We Three Kings"

Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas

180 x 120 cm

£60,000 inc £10,000 donation to the Injured Jockey Fund, Retraining of Racehorses and the Gold Cup 100 Community Fund


"The Little Cocker"

45 x 60 cm


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