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Sixteen Gallery
Postcard Exhibition

3rd - 16th October 2024

An exciting new curated exhibition at Sixteen Gallery

From the 3rd to the 16th October Sixteen Gallery will be hosting a new exhibition just in time for the Literature festival here in Montpellier, Cheltenham.

We're encouraging artists of all experience levels to get involved and join in the project which will create a display of 200 - 300 individual pieces each of which will be available to buy over the two weeks.

There is no theme for the work and the only constraint is the size of each of the boards that will be on display.

We know there will be a fantastic collection of different styles and techniques as everyone gets creative.

Each will be priced at £50 with £5 going to a selection of Cheltenham's Mayoral Charities for 2024, and the rest going back to the artist if the work is sold.

The entry fee for each of the boards is £10, with Sixteen Online members getting their first board free!

Picking up your Boards

Below is a list of dates when we will be in the gallery for you to pop down and collect your board.

Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter and instagram to get updates on when you can collect your boards and when you will need to drop them off ready for the exhibition. 

Collect your boards

18th April - 8th May
30th May - 12th June
18th - 24th July

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