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Forty-five Years On...

Forty-five Years On...

6th - 16th October 2023

Andy Bradley, Andy Owen-Smith

Andy Bradley will be joining Andy Owen Smith in this joint exhibition, which shows a collection of work 45 years after their graduation from The University of Gloucestershire, where they both completed a B.A.Hons in Fine Art.

Andy Bradley -
Andy Bradley’s paintings convey an energetic, colourful, and playful response to their subject.
Using still life, landscapes, and gardens as a starting point he explores the duality between reference and abstracted form in search of its essence.

Andy Owen-Smith -
Andy Owen-Smith's paints mainly in oils and his work captures slices of everyday life, using colour and form to creat atmosphere, movement, and tension. Using instinctive brush strokes, spontaneity, intuitive mark making and use of bold colours to create a unique narrative in each piece of work.

Website and Social Media Links

Andy Bradley Website

Andy Owen-Smith


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