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Jo Biggadike

I love the marks and textures that are made in creating collagraphs. The process allows my love of colour and pattern from my textiles to continue

My work focuses on my connection with the surrounding rural landscape. Walking has become an essential part of my process and specifically walking alone, it is only then that I can fully focus on my surroundings. I want to capture the feeling that a place evokes; it is as much about the emotion of a place as it is about the visual elements. All my work is inspired by the drawings I produce whilst out. I then create my limited edition Collagraph and Lino-cut prints from these drawings.

I originally studied Textile Design at Chelsea School of Art. After which, I worked as a designer specialising in furnishing prints for 8 years where I created designs for fabrics and wallpapers. I wanted to move away from the more commercial printing processes of the Textile Industry and to a more handcrafted and personal way of making prints. My new methods of working give me this freedom.

Collagraph is a similar technique to etching but uses nontoxic methods and natural materials to create the printing plate. I enjoy the rich textures and atmosphere you can create within Collagraph. The individual inking for each print creates unique variations within each edition.

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