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Sally Morgan

Carving lino to create landscapes and moments of modernity is utter joy!

I create relief reduction prints using lino and water-based inks. This enables me to interpret the work – be it landscapes or modern moments – in lines, shapes and blocks of colour. I love the physicality of cutting, inking and pressing as well as the excitement of the reveal.

In 2015 I founded Worcestershire Open Studios, from which point I began selling my work and delivering printing workshops. Since that time my work has been

  • Selected for exhibition on four occasions by the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

  • selected as a 2019 finalist in the Artists and Illustrators Magazine’s Artist of the Year Competition for which my work was exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London

  • featured in the Seacourt International Mini-Print exhibition and the Impress ’16 international exhibition

  • pre-selected twice for the Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition

  • sold to purchasers in Wales, New Zealand and New York

I am an artist with Bevere Gallery Worcester and Pure Art in Milford Haven. My work can be viewed at

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