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Siobain Drury

Print affords me endless possibilities to play or be profound

Siobáin, originally from Birmingham, of dual heritage: Irish/English, studied Fine Art in Liverpool, and a Masters in Birmingham. She was an art lecturer for over 20 years in FE & HE, now teaching mainly in the community whilst continuing to develop her own creative practice focussing mainly on Print, Collage, Assemblage & Installation. She is an active member of the Gloucestershire Printmaking Coop and their Administrator. She has exhibited in Birmingham, Bristol, Japan and across the Southwest where she now lives with her partner and 2 young daughters.

Siobáin has a strong sense of how to put things together and mixed media work is often her main focus. Within this discipline, she collects original imagery, text and objects and combines them with drawing, print, textiles, photographs, paint and stitch. Drawing is fundamental to her practice and manifests itself in many forms, including print and drawing with a sewing machine.

Her work is fuelled by personal experiences of anxiety, culture, politics, society and what is is to be human. Siobáin likes to play with ideas as much as composition & colour - fluro/neon is her current obsession.

PLAY is very important in her work and she is informed by theoretical work of Schiller, Kant & Dewey. She considers Printmaking a medium infinite of possibilities, and works with silkscreen methods, mono printing, collographs and etching, often combining disciplines and making unique prints (U/P), she rarely makes editions and therefore most of her prints are 'one-offs' or variations.

The passing of time, inspiration from film & music and the 'overlooked' are concerns that recur in her work and Siobáin considers it impossible to ignore issue of social & political injustice.

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