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A Quiet Place

11th - 17th July


The Artist in their own words.

“Having always had a leaning towards art, it wasn't until later years that I embraced art wholeheartedly. My formative years living on a small remote Welsh hill farm allowed me to feel the quiet and to really look, see and appreciate my surroundings.This has had a massive effect on my life and I believe it transfers into my artwork.

Painting predominantly in oils, enjoying its flow and versatility I like to paint a variety of subjects, in particular a Still Life. Setting up a Still Life can be quite a lengthy process as it has to feel just right before I can paint it. For me, painting is a very therapeutic process and I try to convey the sense of quiet and calm that I feel from my subject.”

Plums with Ginger Jar.jpeg
Lemons & Eucalyptus.jpeg
Lemons on Blue Plate.jpeg
Oranges & Lemons.jpeg

For more of Helena’s work click the link below.

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