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27th June - 10th July

Emma Howell - Meditation Painting.jpg

"SOUL" is visual evidence of surrendering to reality and expressing gratitude for the everyday. In response to a tough year, Emma has developed an eclectic array of work to untether her soul, challenge her intuition and aid a journey of healing. The work is here as proof of a silver lining.

About the Artist

Through her mixed media paintings, Cheltenham-based artist Emma Howell explores and reveals her methods of sensation and perception. Working predominantly on paper and canvas, and with a range of media including paint, pencil, and pastels, Emma describes her work as the instinctive way she navigates life and a way to nurture her own sense of self. As time passes, the life she navigates constantly evolves, and as does the work that she produces in response. With original work now proudly displayed across Europe, the US, Australia, and the Seychelles, Emma is a full time artist based in the Cotswolds, and lives with her husband, Jon, and golden retriever, Gibson.

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