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Curated Exhibitions 2022
Still Life

7th - 19th October 2022

Our latest curated show will begin just in time for the Cheltenham Literature Festival with this exhibition focusing on Still Life

With around 20 artists highlighting a variety of styles, techniques and media it will be an exciting showcase of what the traditional discipline has to offer

The Artists

Andy Bradley

'Still Life 1'
Oil on Canvas

Emma Howell

'Fresh Peaches with Coffee in Kitchen'

H Masacz

Oil on Canvas

Jaqueline Hammond

'Pick Your Own'
Oil on Canvas Board

Lindy Allfrey

'French Picnic'
Oil on Linen

Nick Phillips

'Two Gentlemen'Oil on Board</p>

Sophie Mumford

'Blood Oranges'
Oil on Linen Board

Angie Spencer

'Tristan Tulips 2'
Oil on Board

Fiona Boult


Helen Davison Bradley

Oil on mounted paper

Kerry Duggan

‘Mrs Dalloway’
Oil on Board

Mike Skidmore

'Impossible Grape'
Oil on Canvas

Nicola Currie

'Mango Calla Lilies'
Oil on Canvas

Susan Birth

'Still Life with Red Jugs'

Carole-Ann Ricketts

'Sherry & Pie'
Oil on Canvas board

Gill Cox

'Floral Still Life Abstraction'
Oil on durable oil parchment

Helena Zabko Phillips

Oil on Canvas

Leanne Pearce

Oil on Board

Mike Skinner

'Coffee Cup Wine Glass Bottle'
Mixed Media on Board

Sarah Brooker

'Spring Sill'
Acrylic on Canvas

Tamsin Stuart

'Iced and Sliced'

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