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Sophie Mumford

Sophie Mumford

'Blood Oranges'
Oil on Linen Board

Sophie Mumford’s connection with art is embryonic, having been born into a family of artists. She studied art at college and paints from her studio in the Cotswolds.

Sophie enjoys working with various media from charcoal to watercolour but has recently fallen in love with oils.

“The butteriness and malleability of the media is delicious, it suits the energy and emotion I hope to convey through my art.

My work explores the rich narrative beyond the inanimate, often drawing on personal experiences. Painting a glass vase was much more than a  study of form and light, as I painted I realised an emotional connection to the points within motherhood of fragility and nullity when we feel completely depleted, an empty vessel.”

Sophie is currently experimenting with a sense of movement in her still life paintings, inspired by the chaos of family life, as well as evolving her love of portraiture in oils.

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