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19th January - 1st February 2023

Curated Exhibition

This exhibition has been split into two sections. The front half of the gallery has a collection of 6 different artists showcasing a fantastic collection of illustration, printmaking, art and design from emerging and established artists alike.

We have included a selection of the artwork here but with plenty on show at the gallery it definitely worth visiting and exploring the curated works in person. 

Artists on show

  • Martyna Sabadasz - @martyna_sabadasz

  • Joanna Logan - @Joanna_f_logan

  • Georgina Mullins- @idk____studio

  • Ellie Cottrell-

  • Ollie Goodson- @ollie_goodson

  • Jaz Percy - @jhp_2.0



The back half of the gallery has been dedicated to the launch of Uncharted. An illustration and design project focused on creating, "tools for storytellers"

It is a collection of maps, games and artwork designed to spark the imagination and ignite creativity.

With the revival of imaginative Role Playing Games (RPG's) such as "Dungeons and Dragons", over the last few years there is a thirst for new fantasy and imaginative worlds, for players of these games, to explore.

Therefore viewers are encouraged to interact with the work, through imaginative group play, or individually through journaling, as they explore the imaginary landscapes depicted in the detailed maps and artwork.

The central piece is a large noticeboard showing how all the maps created so far can be interlinked and connected into one singular expansive world. Over time this will continue to grow allowing players and viewers to begin wherever they wish and explore in any direction through the decisions they make as players.


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