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18th - 24th May

Vision is an exhibition which brings together three artists who live and work in Gloucestershire. Sarah Lyon is a sculptor whose interest lies in expression and movement. Di Oldham and Sue Durkin are painters whose work is influenced by the landscapes and seascapes of the UK.

The title of the exhibition not only refers to the individual artists response to the world but also to the charity Vision4Children to which 10% of all sales will be donated.

Sarah Lyon

Sarah started sculpting in France and is inspired by Camille Claudel and Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake for the movement, expression and feeling she attempts to express in her pieces.


Diana Oldham

Diana’s life has always revolved around art, mostly in advertising, illustration and graphic design.

Now in retirement she enjoys painting at her leisure, experimenting with colour and different media influenced by the beautiful West Country landscapes.

Sue Durkin

Sue Durkin has been teaching and painting for many years now. Her work is a response to the ever changing landscapes in which she finds herself whether that be in the beauty of the Cornish landscape, the cool light of the North Sea or the rolling fields and hills of Gloucestershire.

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