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Visions of Nature

10th -16th November 2022

An exhibition of inter-disciplinary artists

An interdisciplinary exhibition of innovative printmaking, photography and mixed media by three Gloucestershire based artist; A collective inspired by the natural world using a range of media to create an explorative response to nature.

The artist’s work connects through a common theme of the natural world around us bringing together visions of nature from their own personal response. 

Through recent collaboration on experimental printmaking they come together to create an eclectic show of artwork.

Anthea Milliner

Walking artist, printmaker, lyrical landscapes

Anthea’s walking practice allows her to receive new ideas and diverse ways of thinking.  Being in an open space is a catalyst for the imagination: Space to walk is space to think.
Anthea’s work considers disregarded landscapes, the hinterlands, the edgeways that we walk past every day but fail to notice, transient moments and fragments of time; finding beauty in nature and its imperfections.
It is about seeing the world with an alert and curious eye.

Lisa Lavery

Fine art photographer

Lisa Lavery is a Fine Art photographer, based in Cheltenham, Glos. UK. Experiment, exploration and process are at the heart of her practice, she chooses photographic methods and techniques to highlight the essence and qualities of the subject often revealing new perspectives, prompting the viewer to experience the familiar subject in a very different light.

Taking inspiration from early 20th century photographers, Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy, Lavery has spent over a decade exploring the photogram technique.  

Utilising photography as a means of investigation and a contemplative experience, she enjoys walking in natural environments which enables her to focus fully and engage with the landscape or chosen subject.

Her specialist expertise is focused on process and understanding of techniques in analogue and alternative photography disciplines with a strong bias toward environmental issues. Over the years she has built an impressive track record of exhibiting in the UK and Europe.

She is founder of 'The Blueprint Factory' which offers, alternative photography workshops, events and exhibition opportunities to a broad range of people of all abilities.

Joanne Humphreys

Multi-disciplinary artist

Joanne Humphreys is an award-winning multidisciplinary fine artist. Her work personifies personal life experiences through film, sculpture, printmaking and painting.

Joanne has always been very passionate about conservation and the environment. She won an award in 1983 while studying art in Bangor North Wales based on her depiction of the Welsh landscape. When she moved to Cheltenham in the same year to study fine art at the university, she introduced animals in her painting with symbolic meaning. In 2015 she completed a long-term project based around the disability, Down Syndrome with a solo exhibition at The Atrium gallery in Cardiff where she included portraits, repetitive pattern and vibrant colours in her work. Most recent projects have included a themed ‘Lockdown Museum’ series of sculptures and film work, including an award winning film piece around grieving and the loss of her son Graeme to cancer.

You can view all her films, a selection of 2D and 3D work on her website.

Joanne has selected series of paintings for this exhibition to reflect the theme of nature and the environment. 

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