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Война и мир - War and Peace


9th - 22nd June 2022

As the world is facing war in Ukraine, we need - now, more than ever to heed what Leo Tolstoy wrote “If everyone fought for their own convictions there would be no war.”


Artists Adam, Katie and Chas are pleased to bring their creative works together within the bright peaceful space of the Sixteen Gallery.

Following a successful exhibition at Sixteen Gallery last year, Adam Dobby is returning this summer with photographs taken from his ongoing travels to the Ukraine, as well photographs from other war torn nations such as Syria and Iraq. As with previous exhibitions, Adam’s photographs endeavour to capture and covey the ‘human face’ of war, documenting the stories of refugees and the innocent victims of conflict.

Katie Medić’s impressionist paintings of dandelions symbolise love, hope, happiness and the innocence of youth. The humble dandelion with its deep roots are considered by many to be a weed that must be eradicated, whereas it should be revered for all its incredible properties and like the people of Ukraine who’s roots also run deep - should be left to thrive, grow and live in peace.

Finally, Chas Ashby’s photographs depict the somewhat brighter side of life, though at times an impoverished one. These images primarily show beauty and a more peaceful existence. As well as his photographs, Chas trained in metal smithing and jewellery design. Creating pieces in both silver and gold, with a contemporary, clean, weighty, tactile design inspired by pieces that he would want to wear but struggled to find.

Adam, Katie and Chas look forward to welcoming you all to the Sixteen Gallery and opening emotive conversations about the selected works on display.

A portion of all sales are being donated to INARA, a charity with a wealth of experience providing much needed medical support and paediatric trauma care to children injured in conflict.


Visit their website to learn more.

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