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Owners & artists - 

Father and son team

Andy & Arthur Owen-Smith

Our mission

We established Sixteen Gallery to provide a space where we could both show our own work but also offer an affordable space for other artists to exhibit.


We understand how it can be incredibly difficult to make the leap into becoming a professional artist. With high commissions taken by many galleries, artists can struggle to make a living from their artwork when choosing to go the more traditional route.


We wanted to create a space that puts the control back into the artists hands. A space where artists can showcase the work they love creating and keep every penny from the work they sell.

The gallery has been designed to make the experience as simple and as easy as possible. A rented space where artists have fully control over the work they sell and the price they sell it at.


Our aim is to provide visitors with new and exciting exhibitions that celebrate a broad range of subjects in different styles, techniques, and media. With no vetting or selection process, we hope to attract both established and emerging artists to showcase their work.

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A growing community of UK based artists and creators where we handle the promotion, you connect directly with the buyer and also keep 100% of the money from everything you sell.

Where to find us

Sixteen Gallery is situated in the popular tourist and shopping area of Montpellier in Cheltenham. Located at the end of the Promenade, south of the town centre, the Montpellier area is known for its bars, restaurants, coffeehouses and specialist shops.

Cheltenham has long been associated with the arts, with Montpellier playing host to the literature, jazz and food festivals that bring so many to the area every year.

There is a buzzing community growing in this part of the town with Montpellier having been recently dubbed the Art Quarter of Cheltenham due to the numerous galleries and art spaces that have been established here. Definitely worth exploring if you are looking for inspiration or for that perfect artwork for your walls.

01242 335545

16 Rotunda Terrace, Montpellier Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1SW

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