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Artist Biography

Emily Lucas

You’re a rare find 1

You’re a rare find 1

Artist and art researcher
2012-2015: MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking, UWE, Bristol
2017 – present: PhD Candidate, Researching Drawing as a feminist gesture
Specialisms: monoprinting
Emily is interested in the inadequacy of language to communicate interior experience.

The work is derived from a collaboration between Ellen Cronholm and Emily Lucas
and began with Ellen’s large-scale ancient ruin prints. After a visit to the Acropolis in Athens Emily responded by sending Ellen some monoprints of small figurines found in the ruins and now on display in the Acropolis Museum. These have been added to Ellen’s collagraphs – a nod to cultural heritages and the fact that antiquities often end up in the wrong places – it is often the small, initially overlooked objects that survive the longest.
Emily has also made a variable edition monoprint to sit alongside the collaboration.

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