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Printmaking Curated Show

22nd July - 3rd August 2022

Sixteen Gallery presents a curated exhibition of over 50 artworks highlighting the art of printmaking. The collection showcases the huge breadth of styles, techniques and media surrounding the discipline, showing traditional print work at its best, alongside pieces that aim to push the boundaries of what printmaking can be. The show includes a fantastic range of artists from 2022 RA summer show exhibitors to exciting emerging talents.

Meet the Artists

Anita Saunders

Printmaking is an adventure – you never know where it will lead and it constantly surprises!

Campbell Barclay

Campbell Barclay is a multidisciplinary artist who’s practice includes painting, printmaking and sculpture

Jo Biggadike

I love the marks and textures that are made in creating collagraphs. The process allows my love of colour and pattern from my textiles to continue

Martyna Sabadasz

The unpredictability of printmaking is what draws me to the medium.
It's a test of patience and skills.

Sally Morgan

Carving lino to create landscapes and moments of modernity is utter joy!

Arthur Owen-Smith

I aim to recreate the texture and tactile nature of printmaking utilising digital techniques

Emily Lucas

For me printmaking is not about repeating an image in multiples, but the quality and possibilities of the printed, drawn line

Lauren Clark

the process of printmaking can have unexpected outcomes

Ollie Goodson

The Technicality. The finish. The challenge of creating within a limited medium.

Siobain Drury

Print affords me endless possibilities to play or be profound

Beth Jenkins

Nothing is quite like the moment when you peel the finished print from the block

Jeannie Brown

I enjoy the happenstance nature of print, the transference of an image from plate to paper.

Mark Regan

Mark making with lino, searching for depth and contrast in binary black and white.

Patricia Homewood

A soon as I found time in my life for any sort of art practice, I knew that I wanted to be a printmaker.

Wendy Rhodes

Etching provides me with the opportunity to build layers; representing time and weathering that is inherent to all places.

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