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Curated Shows

Exhibiting new and interesting artwork in the gallery is one of our key goals.


To support this, we will be holding themed exhibitions throughout the year to show examples of different interpretations of a subject by both emerging and established artists from throughout the UK.


14th - 27th September

Curated Show Submissions

To participate in one of our Curated Shows please complete the Curated Show Submissions Form below, submitting the details for one piece of work you wish to enter.


The selected artists will be invited to exhibit their work in the gallery alongside other artists with work of the same theme.


Please note that all submitted work must be original, including original prints, and not reproductions.


There is no cost to submit work for consideration in a Curated Show, but upon selection, a 25% commission fee will be charged on works sold during the show.

Curated Show
Upload an Image

Thank you! We have received your submission.

Previous Curated Shows

check out the links below to see some of our previous curated shows or head over to our instagram to see photos from all our exhibitions at the gallery.

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