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The Portrait

9th - 17th October 2021

Under the theme of portraiture, 13 artists came together to exhibit their work for the first Sixteen Gallery Curated Show. The show included a variety of styles including paintings, sculptures, illustrations and prints.

Meet the Artists

Andy Owen-Smith

Andy uses portraiture to capture the interaction between the subject and the space around them.

Emma Brazil

Emma creates portraiture which conveys emotions of strong women.

Leanne Pearce

Leanne uses light and shadow in her portraiture to evoke a dynamic mood.

Neil Burridge

Neil works with absent sitters, creating art from memory, photographs and conversation.

Sheila Bryant

Sheila works with difficult subjects and focuses on details to create a likeness.

Arthur Owen-Smith

Arthur creates art using different mediums with his hobbies and interests as his subjects.

Hannah Shergold

Hannah uses palette knives and scraping tools to drag impasto paint as a blending method.

Lindy Allfrey

Lindy's portfolio features a range of subjects from military groups to families.

Paula Kear

Paula creates detailed drawings of people and animals, using chalk and pastel pencils.

Charlie Graham-May

Charlie is a portrait and landscape painter living and working and Chippenham.

Kate Doherty

Kate works to find new ways of depicting the human face and illusion of drapery.

Lucy Milne

Lucy works from life to interpret the character and temperament of the subject.

Rebecca Lodwig

Rebecca works in layers combining traditional and digital techniques.

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