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The Landscape

7th - 17th May 2022

This exhibition brings together 50 local artists, emerging and established, demonstrating the broad range of media and styles that are currently being used to depict a subject matter that is today one of the most popular and frequently shown genres of art.

Landscapes have been depicted as far back as 4th century Chinese art but were not appreciated as a separate genre in the western world until the 17th century. They were made ever popular by Constable, Turner and later through impressionists such as Manet, Monet, Renoir who sketched and painted - en plein air - directly recording their experiences as well as the scene itself.

Meet the Artists

Abigail Waddell

I'm drawn to the beauty of a natural landscape, observing the effect of the changing light on the land and sky.

Alison Holt

I aim to capture the textures, light and natural drama of the landscape.

Bettie Heckford

I paint landscapes to capture and interpret the ever-changing natural beauty.

Carol Staines

The Highlands of Scotland with its awesome landscapes stimulated the impulse to capture the scenery.

Emma Brazil

I respond to the landscape around me through materials and intuitive mark making.

Georgina Potter

Georgina aims to portray that fleeting beauty of a moment where light and shadow join forces to present the perfect landscape scene.

Hilary Forbes

Hilary's expressive watercolours are evocative of the light and atmosphere of the surrounding landscape.

Jo Biggadike

My work is constantly inspired by the surrounding local landscape. I want to capture the emotion of a place as much as the visual elements.

Karen Fitzpatrick

I feel a spiritual connection with nature. It awakens me and compels me to paint.

Lauren Clark

Relationship with time; memories and hopes for the future which are embedded in architectural spaces.

Lindsay Reid

For me, it's all about capturing the light.

Mike Skinner

Mike's work is made to convey the energy and power witnessed within an ever-changing landscape/cityscape.

Sam Wilkins

Walking in the countryside with my husband and dog and then painting representations of these landscapes are two of my greatest pleasures.

Sarah Jemmett

I find ways of translating natures fragility into a convincing representation of space and light.

Susan Birth

An evocative landscape - real or imagined - can draw the viewer into a magical land.

Tom Gowen

My approach creates an emotive response to my environment through colour and form.

Wendy Golding

I love exploring natural and man made features in the landscape in an abstracted way.

Alan Williams

Landscape is my primary source of inspiration for painting. I am constantly driven to capture its many moods.

Andy Owen-Smith

Landscape paintings are often packages of memories that are evoked through colour, composition and light.

Beverley Perry

Landscapes are my passion, my special place where I feel at peace with the world.

Chris Bingle

Landscape painting is a fascinating challenge; capturing ever-changing light across the land's ancient structure.

Emma Howell

Painting a landscape is an opportunity to evolve and expose your unique perspective - how you see, or how you want to see.

Gilly Hill

I love the shapes, shadows, colours and negative spaces in landscapes; while I love the abstraction my style is more toward realism.

Jacqueline Hammond

The landscape is an enriching backdrop to our lives if we take time to look.

Jo Hatton

Inspired by the beautiful exchange between land and light I hope to encapsulate what I see.

Karen Stone

Landscape challenges the artist to recreate the enormity and character of the space we inhabit.

Leanne Courtney-Crowe

Seascapes evoke feelings, art evokes responses, bring them together and they develop an emotional connection.

Luba Arnold-Larnie

I have always been fascinated by nature. I'm particularly attracted by morning and evening light.

Nik Chinook

I love to walk the knife-edge between paint, artifice and the natural world.

Sarah Brooker

An automatic beauty received from the land - desire to capture through vibrant, pure colour.

Stephen Roberts

Paying attention to the sensation of light is what inspires me to paint the landscape.

Sylvia Wadsley

Landscape painting helps me examine my relationship with nature.

Tracy Hunt

Landscapes are familiar to us all as a real or imagined place we know well.

Zoe Taylor

Landscapes must be in my soul, they just appear.

Alexandra Churchill

Inspired by J.M.W. Turner, landscapes can add depth and atmosphere to a room, giving it a new dimension.

Angie Spencer

Nature has always spoken directly to me and I love immersing myself in it.

Bridget Derrett

I love walking in the countryside, enjoying the views, taking pictures and capturing the image on canvas.

Ellie Thomas

I paint landscapes to capture my experience of a particular time and place.

Georgie Dowling

I use my paintings as a way to further explore the landscape.

H Masacz

My landscape paintings express my connection to the natural world and its essence.

Jan Whitton

Landscape painting to me is the joy of capturing the moods of my favourite places.

Jo Rockley

I miss countryside and greenery when I'm not surrounded by them. Landscapes feed my soul.

Laura Werner

I adore being in the mountains, painting them brings me a greater level of appreciation and joy.

Leigh Millin

Landscapes enable me to control the chaos.

Maike Nielsen

Landscapes, like nature, calm and revive our souls, remind us of beautiful times, and make our hearts sing.

Peter Robertson

I feel a real and enhanced connection within the natural forms, structures, shapes and patterns of landscape.

Sarah Goddard

Being sight-impaired, textures, patterns, colours, shapes, emotions inspire me; they're all there in landscapes.

Sue Durkin

I am trying to evoke the everchanging impact of our climate on the landscape.

Tim Turton

Gloucestershire through the seasons. It's easy to overlook the beauty of where you live.

Trudi Hayden

Nature continually gifts stunning moments of visual beauty that I feel compelled to paint.

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